Monday, April 29, 2013

Go Long

Today I am wearing a three quarter sleeve shirt, and am reminded that three quarter sleeve shirts are not a good investment. Versatility being paramount in frugality, three quarter sleeves simply are not a frugal use of money or closet space.

They can only be worn for certain weather -- they’re not warm enough when it’s cold, and too warm when it’s hot, requiring short sleeves and long sleeves to still be in one’s wardrobe.

J. Crew
But having only short and long sleeves in your closet means that a long sleeve can be worn when it’s cold, but the sleeves can also be pushed up when the temperature reaches the odd point when a three quarter sleeve would be useful.

Ralph Lauren
This is also more flattering than wearing a plain three quarter sleeve. There is a certain classic and casual chic style to pushing long sleeves up, rather than wearing a plain three quarter sleeve.

J. McLaughlin

Everlane French Terry (Made in the United States)
J. Crew Sevedge Chambray Shirt (Similar Brooks Brothers shirt on sale here.)
Ralph Lauren Cotton Jersey Henley (My last henley from RL is worth it's high price -- great fit, and still wearing very well after at least four years.)
J. McLaughlin Parker Linen Boyfriend Shirt (Does not require dry cleaning.)

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