Monday, May 13, 2013

Benefits of a Personal Shopper

The Men's Shop
Photo credit: Margot Meyerhoff, via Dissecting New York
My mother and I spent some of Mother’s Day shopping at her favorite store, Ralph Lauren, on Madison Avenue. Even though we sometimes lament that this building isn't quite as beautiful and charming as the old building across the street which now houses the men's collection, we really only shop in this store. My mother will stop into other Ralph Laurens on occasion, but the reason she only buys from this store is because she is loyal to her discerning sales associate's approval. It’s worth the extra effort – he always knows just what to put her in. Having a sales associate to work with regularly is like having a hair colorist you are loyal to visiting – they have an eye for finding what will look good on you, and most likely, their eye is better than yours. After all, they have more experience with these things.

There was a pretty muted gold dress my mother liked for me, but he lead us instead to a stunning, knee-length, silk chiffon red dress with a full skirt that moved beautifully even on the hanger. I spotted a couple other items I liked, and he brought one of those out as well.

When I tried on the two dresses he suggested, and they both fit me like a glove, my mother exclaimed “You should never shop anywhere else but here – Ralph Lauren’s cuts are perfect on you!”

To be truthful, not all Ralph Lauren’s cuts are perfect for me, but we have the upper hand of working with an amazing gentleman who knows which cuts are right for each person. And looking back, the muted gold dress would not have looked nearly as good on me – he was right to steer us in a different direction.

It was amazing to easily find two dresses that are complementary colors for my skin tone, cuts that are spot on for my hourglass figure (not an easy task), and styles that are classic, but also young and fresh feeling. I would never have pulled that red dress off a rack to try on, because I don’t tend to gravitate towards colors that are eye-catching. But thanks to his great eye, I saw that the style of the cut is classic, and it turned out to feel just right. There have been other dresses at Ralph Lauren I have been nervous to try on, which have turned out to be surprisingly stunning, and each time, I’ve only tried it on because our wonderful sales associate knew it was right for my body.

The Women's Shop
Photo credit: Joshua McHugh for Architectual Digest
via A Serene Life for Me
Having a sales associate to work with is a wonderful thing. He brought my attention to a dress I would never have noticed on my own, he saved me time and effort by keeping me from bothering with dresses which would be only okay on me, and set me up right away with ones he knew were right. Working with him makes shopping fun, not a chore of trying on a million things only to walk out disappointed.

And, of course, there’s the added benefit of often finding out about sales in advance – a very handy thing, indeed.

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