Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cheap Trick: Stationary as Art

Remember how much fun it was to get something in the mail as a child? Now that email has assisted in creating a mailbox full of business letters, donation requests, and bills, I find it to be just as thrilling as when I was a child to receive a hand-written note.

I try my best to send postcards and notes for no reason, but I love beautiful stationary so much that sometimes I don’t want to part with it. Some of it is so pretty that I want to look at it all the time, so my walls and shelves have many cards I’ve received mixed in with the “real” art. It’s an inexpensive way to surround oneself with the things she loves as she slowly builds a collection of art. Artwork is so personal that it's best to not try to buy it all at once, but instead keep an eye out over years. And of course, the slow pace helps to save money as each piece can be budgeted.

I chose a clear frame to add lightness to the older books and weathered cast iron bird, as well as balance the glass of the Japanese net float.

But I also really like the way stationary and postcards look in a frame with pre-cut matting. Either way, simple frames are often the best choice for this type of framing because one wouldn't want to pair an expensive frame with a note card. Inexpensive art should be paired with inexpensive frames, just as expensive art should be framed professionally. If this rule is not followed, one runs the risk of the art and its frame competing with one another, and therefore drawing attention to the part that is inexpensive. Simple frames are also good for this type of framing because inexpensive simple frames always, always look better than inexpensive ornate frames.

For a more casual and even less expensive look, washi tape can be used to create a frame and attach the note card to the wall at the same time. Washi tape can be a great choice in the bathroom, a child's playroom, or a dorm room where hanging frames may not be an option.

Washi Tape
Pre-cut Mats
Cheap Frame (Caution: Frames absolutely must be seen in person to make certain they do not look like they came from the dollar store.)
Painting by Tosya

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