Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Good Things in Small Packages

Comparing prices is very important. I’m sure we all know that usually when you buy the bigger box of an item, it is cheaper per ounce or count, but I recently came across one item that is less expensive in the smaller box, so it reminded me how important it is to do some quick math while at the store.

My co-worker is quitting smoking. He is, of course, wise to do so for many reasons, one of which is the money he will save. This calculator allows him to see how much he’s saved each day he doesn’t smoke, but right now the count is slightly off as he’s using Nicorette to help him. He asked me to pick up a box for him, and I noticed something funny.

The big box of Nicorette has 100 pieces of gum, and the small box has just 20. The big box costs $63.00 at the drugstore, and the small box costs $9.99 at the same drugstore. This means gum in the big box is $0.63 for each piece, and the gum in the smaller box is $0.50 for each piece, so he saves money by buying the smaller box. The smaller box’s cost per count is certainly an abnormality, but a great example of why checking the count of every purchase is important.

And it might be odd, but he also buys the 4mg gum instead of the 2mg gum, even though he only needs the 2mg. The reason he does this is to cut the gum in half, thereby cutting his cost in half as well.

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