Friday, May 24, 2013

Make it Better: Hostess Gift Flowers DIY

Speaking of gifts, sweet hostess gifts are always welcome. A bottle of wine is an easy go-to, but I am super appreciative of flowers. They feel like a sweet treat I don’t buy myself regularly, and they are always so cheery. With a little sprucing up, they would make a lovely hostess gift for a Memorial Day gathering. And the best part about this gift is that it’s ready to go – the hostess won’t even have to go searching for a vase.

Supplies needed:
-Inexpensive flowers. These daffodils were just $3 a bunch, so I purchased two bunches for more impact.
-A glass jar from your recycling bin. I used a jelly jar.
-Newspaper from your recycling bin.
-A rubber band.
-A piece of twine, a thin ribbon, or baker’s twine.

1. Lay out a single sheet of newspaper on a table and fold in half.

2. Place jar in the center of the paper, and fold the corners in to meet the jar, folding up all sides around the jar. It should look casual, so don’t worry about perfection.

3. Use the rubber band to hold the newspaper in place, and wrap twine around the rubber band a few times to hide it. Tie off in a knot or a bow.

4. Trim your flowers to the best height for the jar. Keep them low for the most impact with a fat jar, or leave them tall if the jar is skinny.

5. If travelling, add some water to the jar and put the lid on. The lid will keep spills away until the flowers can be popped in right before ringing the doorbell.

Hostess gift cost: $6

Have a lovely Memorial Day Weekend!

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