Friday, May 10, 2013

Make it Better: Mother's Day Card DIY

Mother's Day cards can run upwards of $7.00. Wouldn't it mean more to make her a card instead of buying one?

-Cardstock, or blank notecard, and envelope
-Assorted scrap paper and tissue paper
-Small piece of brown paper bag or newspaper
-Scissors (I used both regular scissors and fancy ones to create a border, but just regular ones can be used.)
-Colored thread and needles, or glue and a thin marker

Step One:
Cut your cardstock to fit in your envelope, and double check that it will fit. This might seem like a silly step, but I've ended up frantically searching for a bigger envelope more than once in the past. Trim the edge of the card that is opposite the fold.

Step Two:
Cut out a few flowers from the paper scraps, and a few small circles from the tissue paper. I chose to free-hand cut with my scissors, but shapes could also be drawn on the back and cut around. I like that the irregularity makes the flowers look like they are caught at different angles.

Step Three:
Pick the placement of the first paper flower, and start the thread from the inside of the card, weaving through the flower, and back through the flower and the card. Alternatively, the flower could be glued to the card. Add the other paper flowers, overlapping slightly.

Step Four:
Pinch the center of the tissue paper circle to create a flower shape, and sew or glue the spot where you pinched to the card. Add additional tissue paper circles.

Step Five:
Add some stems! Either by sewing straight lines, or by drawing them on with a thin marker.

Step Six:
Cut or tear the newspaper or brown paper into a rough triangle and fold. Wrap thread around the middle and cinch, or pinch and draw a line across the middle. Tie a bit of extra thread to the middle piece, or draw on a bow. Attatch with thread or glue.

And Finally:
Write something lovely to your mother inside. A short poem, a memory you have of her, or something you love about her.

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers out there. And a special Happy Mother's Day to my amazing mother. I hope to become more and more like you each day.

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