Friday, May 17, 2013

Purse Protection

Sometimes I get them free with makeup purchases. Sometimes I buy them. Some of them are so old that I don’t remember where they came from. I have a plethora of small pouches, and I put most of them to good use.

I use them for toiletries for the pool.

I use them to have both overnight and week-long toiletries ready to go when I pack up.

And I use them for items I want with me daily.

My favorite pouches are designated for this daily use- in my purse or bag. Not only do these containers make it simple to swap one bag for another, but they also make it easy to find what I'm looking for in a large purse. I also like that I can pull out just one pouch and use it as a clutch when I go out for lunch. Plus, it’s pretty to see all the patterns and colors against a dark lining.

But the real reason I use them in a purse is to protect the lifespan of my purse purchase. When my keys and other objects run loose through my bag, they beat up the inside, leading to torn corners, seams missing a few stitches, and rubbed thin linings. Also, when I overstuff my purse, I'm putting unnecessary stress on the zipper. I'd rather stress the zippers on the replaceable pouches than on the purse I was so excited to buy. And if I use a reversible bag, there’s even more reason to protect the inside.

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