Monday, May 20, 2013

Reunion Weekend

Since I've mentioned my boarding school before, I thought it would be nice to share a few photos from our reunion weekend, if you'd like to see.

The weekend started on Friday with cocktails at the athletic field house, where I was too excited to see old friends to remember to take any pictures.

On Saturday, the clouds looked a little threatening, but the weather held.

Which was lucky for me, as I hadn't thought to bring an umbrella.

My favorite place on campus has always been the chapel. We would sometimes sit in those big windows to study -- the view is so serene.

Seniors continue the tradition of swaying while singing the school song. I was impressed with how many of my former classmates remembered all the words.

I took a campus tour and found a colorful new-to-me mural brightening up a student lounge.

Photo credit: ID
Construction has started on the new dorm.

The stables were updated a few years ago, and the horses seem to enjoy keeping an eye on visitors.

Some beauties even posed.

We chatted with a rider who remembered the first horse I rode. She told me that K.C. had lived to be 33. She was such a sweet horse.

And we peeked in on the ring where I learned to ride, and rode in many competitions as a child. This is not, however, where I took my first fall. I still remember the shock, and I remember my parents telling me to hop back up. They were so quick with their advice that I was back in the saddle before it had fully registered for me that I had fallen.

Sunday included a hike through the horse trails and a great brunch. I enjoyed hearing stories from my former classmates and from older alumnae about their time at the school. Overall, it was a lovely weekend full of old memories for everyone.

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