Friday, May 3, 2013

Silver & Gold

Suze Orman famously owns only 2 pairs of earrings. This is a great frugal idea, but what if one doesn’t want to limit herself to just two pairs?
Photo By Marc Royce
via Women's Wear Daily

I have a friend who recently exchanged a beautiful gold necklace she was given in favor of the same necklace in platinum. She did this because she only wears silver colored jewelry, and while I doubt she prefers silver to gold for a monetary reason, her simplicity can also be used to save money and time.

Ms. Orman's two pairs are a fantastic idea, but if two pairs of earrings sounds just too tough, or just too boring, why not limit to just silver or just gold? As with a brown or black limit, everything in the jewelry case will go together (if not in style, then at least in color) and life will be simplified in return.

Either choice will have benefits -- gold will give the option of gold-plated rich-girl fake possibilities, but silver will allow owning a beautiful version of the real thing. Both silver and gold come in styles that are uptown, downtown, and artsy, so consider skin tone and which feels “right” when deciding which way to go.

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