Monday, May 6, 2013

Soaping Up

I prefer bar soap on my sink’s counter, but my wife prefers liquid soap, so we keep both.

Strictly speaking, the cost per use of bar soap is much lower than liquid soap, making it a better investment. Even if one uses the same container and adds less expensive replacement liquid, the bar soap still wins. However, I am not fond of a bar of soap which has seen better days, and always replace it as soon as it starts to look old. This would probably throw off the cost per use, but I use a couple of tricks to assuage my guilt.

The first thing that helps is having the bar soap out at all. Each time the bar soap is chosen over the liquid soap, one has helped prolong the life of the more expensive liquid soap. Bar soap is also a common gift, so nearly every bar of soap we use costs us nothing, and if we were to not use bar soap at all, we would be wasting these gifts. We could re-gift them, but they’re usually lovely, so why not enjoy them while also adding to the lifespan of our liquid soap?

We would do better by keeping the bar soap out until it is used up, but since it begins to annoy me when it starts looking used and ugly, I choose instead to move it to the shower’s soap holder. One could also repurpose it for hand washing delicates at this point, or toss it in a sock drawer to add a pretty scent.

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