Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Product Worth the Price: Benetint

I love anything that will do double duty and work twice as hard for me. Reversible bags, extra chairs that double as wall art, or even an egg cup that acts as pretty kitchen decor when not in use, are all a great use of space and money. I’m partial to these types of items because I feel that I’m really getting my money’s worth.

Benefit’s Benetint works as both a lip tint and a blush, which means it not only costs less than many combinations of individual lip gloss and blush, but also takes up less space than two items. Add in that my bottle of Benetint is currently over a year old and still half full, and Benetint is absolutely worth the $30 price.

Tiffany & Co. Reversible Tote
Vange Bamboo Folding Chair
Hana Turner Ceramics Blue Owl Egg Cup
Benetint in Rose
Benetint in Posietint

(I test a lot of products. In order for it to be a Products Worth the Price, it must be an item I've lived with for a while and absolutely will purchase again.)

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