Wednesday, June 19, 2013

High / Low: Hair Cuts and Color

Mostly go high end, but there are exceptions.

I tend to be on the low maintenance side of morning routines. Other than lip-gloss, I wear make-up mainly when I expect pictures to be taken. I blow-dry my hair only a few times a month when it's cold, and nearly not at all in warm weather. My hairspray bottle is so buried at the back of my cabinet that I usually just forget it’s in there at all. I like to read about how to do hair and make-up, but honestly, I’m just not a smokey-eye kind of gal, and I’m happy to focus my time and efforts elsewhere.

The beauty routine I will spend money and time on, however, is my hair cut and color. I absolutely believe that going high end for hair color and cuts is worth the cost because one’s hair is the only accessory she wears every day. I find that it’s worth spending money to make hair look nice without a struggle in the morning. The right color can enhance one’s skin tone so much that makeup really isn’t necessary. The right cut can mean combing one’s hair and heading out the door.

Here are a few things I believe are worth going high end or low end on for one’s hair....

-Color Go high-end if… One has any red undertones at all (many of us do! Check in bright sunlight). Coloring becomes tricky in this case because the hair will easily turn orange, so leave this job to the true professionals when looking for a natural color.

-Cut Go low-end if… One has long straight or wavy hair. Keeping one’s hair long means fewer visits to the salon, which will save money, and even an inexpensive hair salon should be fine for this type of cut. If one is handy with a pair of scissors, trimming dead ends is actually not too difficult at home. This tutorial shows an easy way to do it.

-Cut Go high-end if… One has short hair or curly hair at any length. It is just too easy to end up with a lopsided ‘do if not cut well.

-Shampoo Go low-end if… One does not use color. There are tons of inexpensive options in the drugstore to cover every type of hair.

-Shampoo Go high-end if… One does use color. And by “high end” here I mean the slightly more expensive bottles at the drugstore, not the $30 bottles at the salon. Those of us with colored hair are looking for a color safe shampoo, but some brands work better with certain brands of hair dye, so ask the colorist for a drugstore brand suggestion.

-Conditioner Go low-end if… One uses conditioner at all. I find that I get better results with a low end brand and occasional inexpensive at-home deep conditioning treatments (I like using coconut oil) than by using a high end conditioner alone.

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