Thursday, June 13, 2013

Optical Illusion Accessory

This morning on the subway, I saw a pretty woman doing something smart and frugal. Conscience or not, it was clever enough that had my nose not been seven inches from her ear on the crowded train, I would never have noticed.

The first thing I noticed was the pretty colors of her scarf. It made me think about a similar scarf I purchased at H&M in Austria (the clothing they offer there is different than here – much more classic in style. I always think it’s worth stopping in H&M when abroad). As I was remembering how beautiful Vienna is, and thinking about how lovely it was to stroll around the center of the city, the subway jerked and my eyes fell to her sweater. That’s when I noticed her clever eye trick...
See, the sweater she was wearing had begun to pill and look worn, but because she chose to pair it with a newer scarf of lighter colors with an eye-catching pattern, my eye was drawn away from the sweater, and towards the newer accessory. It would take a discerning eye – or a pair of eyes that would be too close for comfort in most any other situation than a subway car – to notice the sweater at all.

By using this optical illusion, she is able to wear the sweater even after it started to look ready to be traded in. Instead of rushing out to spend more money on a new sweater, she will get a few more uses out of this sweater. Not only is she lowering the cost per wear, but she is also making a clever and frugal choice.

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