Friday, June 21, 2013


Let’s talk about something a little more intimate….

Jockey estimates that 85% of American women are wearing the wrong bra size. This is a problem because a good fit will make every piece of clothing – expensive or not – fit better. The right fit also makes a woman look thinner than an ill-fitting style. One may even find that a dress or shirt she did not think was flattering is perfect when she is wearing the right fit in her underpinnings. These benefits are the reason that makeover shows send women to be fitted before purchasing a single stitch of clothing.

Getting measured at a chain store is fine, but is only helpful for that particular brand. Just like with clothing, women will need to go up or down a size depending on the manufacturer. French sizes are often smaller than Italian sizes, and American sizes vary widely by brand. And just as with clothing, one brand may not work at all for some women, and be perfect on others. The style of the cut will also affect the fit, and some cuts are better for certain women, or certain clothing styles.

The best way to find the right fit is to head to a shop that sells many different brands so that there are options. In my experience, the shop must also be run by an older woman, and if she has a heavy accent, that is a very good sign. When I was being fitted for my wedding dress, the woman at Bergdorf Goodman insisted that I go to Bra Smyth on the Upper East Side before the next fitting. She knew that just like the wedding dress, the underpinnings needed to be fitted correctly.

Bra Smyth
I understand that there is more than one Bra Smyth, but I was instructed to only go to the flagship store on Madison Avenue, and I discovered that was for a good reason -- the tiny woman who runs this shop can actually look at a fully dressed woman and put her in the right brand and size. She is so good, that if it takes her more than one try she becomes very frustrated with herself.

It may end up being more expensive than some other stores, but it is worth the price to have the correct fit. Think how much money one could waste on several not-quite-right styles, as opposed to spending about the same amount for just one that is perfect. And once the correct brand, style, and size is found, one can search online for discounts on additional purchases. 85% of us should consider getting fitted – we will be very happy with the result.

Top image via Women Health Info


  1. I've been to this woman before! she is amazing and very, very funny. She was showing off to another employee there that she fitted me perfect on the 1st try.

  2. Anon - yes, she's funny! Thanks for writing!


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