Friday, July 19, 2013

Box Pleat No-Sew Fix

This is a box pleat, or kick pleat. Ours will be at the back.
If one looses weight, finds an incredible sale, or is passed down a pretty skirt that happens to be too big, there's no need to pass up the skirt, even if one cannot sew. Here’s a quick no-sew fix.

Supplies needed:
-Small Safety pin
-Large Safety pin

I took pictures on a mannequin so the pictures would be clear, but no mannequin is required.

No-Sew Skirt Fix: Steps 1, 2, and 3

1) Put the skirt on and decide how much fabric needs to be taken in from the center of the back of the waistband.
2) Use a small safety pin to mark the extra fabric, placing the small safety pin close to the top edge of the skirt, and remove the skirt. (If it's a skirt with a zipper at the center back, it might be easier to twist the skirt around 180 degrees and pin it while wearing it.)
3) Flip the extra fabric in. This will become the kick pleat.

No-Sew Skirt-Fix: Steps 4, 5, and 6
4) Try to make the two folds as even as possible, meeting in the very center of the back of the skirt. Using a large safety pin, start at the inside fold.
5) Work the pin through what will become the outer fold of the skirt. Ty to push the pin between the lining and the outside layer of the skirt, letting the pin come out right at the new center fold.
6) Push the pin through the other side by mirroring the movements in steps 4 and 5, and close off the pin on the inside.

Examples of what the inside will look like, and what the outside will look like.

Before: Too Big -- After: Skirt Fits

I've worked the pin through just right once or twice so that the pin does not show at all from the outside, but since I generally wear my shirts untucked, it's fine for a tiny bit of the pin to show. If preferred, one could choose to make the pleat permanent by sewing a few stitches by hand where the pin is placed, but I prefer the temporary solution of the pin so I can readjust later if I choose

Since it only takes a couple minutes, I do this to a lot of my older or handed-down skirts... And I find it's actually more flattering to one's backside to have a little pleat at the back. As can be seen in the before and after pictures, creating the pleat doesn't change the overall shape of the skirt very much. However, if a lot of fabric is folded in, it can make a straight skirt slightly more A-line, which can be seen in the red skirt. A-line shapes really benefit all body types, so it's worth giving it a try to pin up any over-sized skirt.

Just be sure to remove the pin before washing, or the fabric may end up with rust stains!

Image Carven Box Pleat Satin Skirt via My Wardrobe

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