Monday, July 29, 2013

Eliza B. Factory Store

This weekend I got a chance to stop by the Eliza B. factory store for the first time. As it's a family business, it actually houses the factory for all Eliza B., Leather Man Ltd., and Austin Jeffers products, and is located in Essex, Connecticut.

There are many reasons that it is important to support American-made products, but one of the extra nice benefits of American factories is that one can often go visit the factory when she happens to be nearby. Not only does this mean that one can see exactly where and in what condition the products are made, but it also means she might meet the owner, and buy some great items for a good deal less than retail.

Heading over to the factory store, I was most excited about seeing what they had for sale at factory prices, but since Eliza was running the store, it was a great and unexpected treat to meet her as well. We even got a quick peek at some new items, and after seeing it in person, these are firmly on my wish-list in Coral Copen Orange. My mother found classic Eliza B. ribbon flip-flops with a ribbon belt that matched, making her very happy, and I got a couple of belts, a pair of flip-flops, and the shoes pictured above, all for less than half of what I've paid in retail stores.

We got great things, but the best part was definitely the experience of being at the factory, seeing the showroom, and talking to Eliza. Where else can you get that but from a true American company?

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