Thursday, July 25, 2013

Frugal Reading

I recently got a package in the mail which I was not expecting. It was a lovely little surprise that I forgotten about, but now am excited to have, and will make the summer even more fun.

It was a book I had requested months ago from, which recently became available.

I've been a member of PaperBack Swap for a few years, and it is a great fugal way to keep up with all the books one wants to read. It's free to sign up, and the idea is to use an online space to be able to swap books with people one does not know.

One can either browse available books, or start a wish list of books not yet available on the site. When another member lists that book as available, the site lets the owner of the book know, so she can send it off. Each member pays for the shipping of the book, and receives a credit to receive a book each time she sends one out. Since most books cost around $2 - $3 to mail, this is basically how much each member is paying to receive each book.

When I come across a book I would like to read, but don't feel a need to have it in hand right now, I add it to my wish list of books on the site. I still buy other books when I don't want to wait, but using this site allows me to stretch my book-buying budget a bit further. And sometimes, I even get a book just in time for some summer reading on the beach.

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