Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Make it Better: Stretchy Headband DIY

The purple headband on the left sold for around $95 at Henri Bendel. It's lovely, but we can make something similar for free, or at least a good deal less, and with our choice of ribbon. I like this easy project for all the scraps of ribbon I save that are not quite long enough to use for most projects.

-One or two hair elastics
-A length of ribbon
-Needle and thread

1) Figure out the length the ribbon should be by holding it as it will be worn. The ribbon length should be at least two inches past the top of the ear on either side, or it can be as longer, if preferred.

2) With a shorter ribbon, use two hair elastics, and tie them together as shown. With a longer ribbon, one hair elastic will be enough, but knot it in the middle so the single hair elastic makes the same infinity shape as the two elastics shown. This shape grabs the hair better than without the knot.

3) Fold in the corners of the ribbon to make a triangle, and fold the triangle over the hair elastic. Sew closed, and repeat on the other side.

Enjoy your Fourth of July!

Hairband Cost: $0

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