Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Makeup Money

I've mentioned before I don't wear a lot of makeup on a daily basis, but I do usually wear some if I'm headed to an event. This habit is highly annoying to my very tastefully made-up mother who always tries to get women at makeup counters to convince me otherwise. When I was younger, she would constantly tell me to add some blush – and maybe that stuck, because I do use a lip-gloss that can be worn on the cheeks as well. On a daily bases, this lip-gloss is what I put on.

I didn't always go barefaced. For a number of years, self-consciousness made makeup an easy a crutch. There were years that I felt uncomfortable going out in public without makeup on. (To be entirely honest, posting this picture still makes me slightly uncomfortable, but I couldn't very well put up this post without including a picture!) I think I also bought into the idea from magazines that it’s nearly necessary for women to wear makeup; I always felt I wasn’t being feminine enough without it. I remember reading a challenge to go for a week without any makeup, and I failed after a couple days.

I’m not sure exactly what changed, but at some point I realized that many of the women I admire do not use makeup regularly, and many women I see on the street wear too much. My more preppy friends have never worn makeup, or only the tiniest unnoticeable touch, and I think they are all very beautiful. I’m sure it also helps that my wife thinks I look best with a clean face. Whatever the reason, it did not come from a place of frugality, but I have noticed that it has helped save me some money.

Besides the obvious money saved by simply not buying as much makeup, and not wasting money by trying out new products, I have also found that my skin is more clear now, which means I do not need to purchase special treatments or visit the dermatologist. Sunscreen is easier to apply, so hopefully I’m saving myself from any future damage and costs related to that. It also gives me more choices with sunscreen, so I can choose a less expensive brand. And I no longer accidentally leave mascara on my pillowcases or white towels when I miss a bit while washing my face, saving me time and money from washing or replacing them. Plus, it’s always nice to save a little time and get outside sooner – especially in the summer months.

What about you? Do you go sans makeup, or would you try it for the summer?

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