Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cheap Trick: Sampling Samples

This one had enough product for four days through the pinhole.
I often save toiletry and make-up samples for use while traveling.

I like that I do not have to carry big bottles, or take the time to distill the contents of those big bottles into smaller containers. Also they're small, so they take up very little space, and I can toss them out before packing up to return home, so they take up no space on the return trip. It's just a little thing that makes packing up a little bit easier.

The only trouble is that for the most part, samples do not close airtight once open, so they dry up quickly. There might be enough product for a week's worth of uses, but the product may dry up in a day or two, rendering the sample's contents useless.

I used to close up open samples in a zip-lock bag to make them last longer, but now I've discovered a new trick that works better -- poke them with a safety pin.

Instead of tearing open the sample where is says to, if one leaves the sample closed and instead punctures it with a safety pin, less air can get inside, so the sample does not dry up as quickly. Once it appears that all the sample possible has been pushed through the pinhole, tear open the sample as instructed, and one can usually get out a bit more. Such an easy fix! And one that can be used either at home or away from home -- wherever one tries out her samples.

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