Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Television Time

"Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without" was once a common household saying, but now we are inclined to go with the more expensive and less labor intensive route of tossing older items in favor of new ones.

At some point we, as a society, decided that paying more money to save us some time was worth a very high cost. We sometimes refer to these additional costs as convenience fees. It's true that we are busy people, but according to Nielsen, Americans watch an average of over five hours of television per day, so presumably at least some of those five hours could be spent doing things that eliminate convenience fees.
If one wants her cake and would like to eat it too, projects that can be accomplished while watching television are an easy way to eliminate some costs that we have grown accustomed to paying.

Nearly all of my shoes have visited my cobbler at one point or another, but I recently came across one pair that I'm certain would have cost a good deal to have him fix, had I not figured out that I could fix them myself.

Before and after

I got these shoes at an H&M in London, and wore them to death there and at home. They were cheaply made, so they lasted less than a season before the glue started loosing its grip, but they were otherwise in good shape and very comfortable, so I did not throw them out right away. On close inspection, I realized I could sew the places where the glue should have held, and decided to do so on each of the sixteen straps to fix the ones that needed it, and to prevent the others from needing it in the future if more glue dried up.

It was, without question, a terribly time consuming project. However, since I did it while watching movies (Yes, multiple movies. I wasn't kidding about it taking a very long time), I lost no real time and saved myself money.

The more expensive choices I could have made would have been to either bring them to the cobbler and pay him, or toss the shoes, and waste the money they cost, or toss the shoes and replace them with a similar pair, which would have cost me the money paid for the original pair, plus the cost of a new pair.

The time consuming process
Ready to wear
Even though my fingers were a bit numb after finishing, I'm very pleased that I chose the least expensive choice, and now I have a "new" pair of shoes to wear. Sometimes it just takes a creative solution and a little movie watching to save some money.

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