Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Winning the Lottery

Playing the lottery has been well documented as a poor fiscal choice. But what if one loves the idea of a chance to win? There are many free options online for free giveaways, so these are a better choice for one's wallet.

I regularly fill out the surveys at the bottom of my receipt after purchasing something. It's fun to think that I might win something, but honestly, I don't get my hopes up. I figure it takes just a few minutes so at the very least, I'm giving some feedback to the company. Therefore, even without winning anything, it's not a total waste of my time.

But, but, but! Last week, I got an email from Saks which I wasn't sure was real or a scam: it said that I had won the survey drawing and they needed my mailing address to send me a gift card for $500. I figured that even if it was a scam, my address wasn't too big a deal, so I responded (asking, of course, if it was for real) and shortly after, Saks confirmed that it was real, and they were mailing me a gift card.

Obviously, I am very excited to have won something. It's even better that I won buy buying a pair of shoes I would have purchased with or without a win, as opposed to spending money to gamble, and therefore risk the chance of loosing that money.

And now I know that playing the online lotteries sometimes do actually result in a win. I hope that you'll play the free online lotteries, and win something too!

P.S. - The shoes which helped me win the drawing.

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