Monday, August 5, 2013

Bern Bike Helmet

Ready to hop on a CitiBike
It took me a few weeks, but I finally picked up a bike helmet to wear while using the CitiBikes.

I had planned to purchase the Yakkay helmet, so I headed downtown to a shop I knew sold them. However, after trying several helmets on, practicality won out, and I went with the Bern helmet.

The fit and the price were better on the Bern, so as much as I loved the riding helmet style of the Yakkay, I decided to save myself some money and go with the less expensive Bern. I've noticed a lot of New Yorkers walking around with helmets lately, and most of them seem to be Berns -- the sales associate at the bike shop said that they are very popular, and even though they stock some adorable colors, 90% of the sales end up being in black. New Yorkers do love their black, don't they?

Black doesn't really suit my feminine-preppy style, so I went with the light blue, which came with a red visor. At first, I thought I might replace the visor with a different color, but have decided to again save a little money and not replace it.... for now, anyway.

I'm glad I went with a less expensive option, but I'm also glad I did not go with a very inexpensive helmet that I disliked visually, because I know I would be tempted to leave a dislikable helmet at home. 

Wearing a helmet isn't much fun, but it is important, so since I cannot eliminate the uncomfortable factor in helmet-wearing, at least I've made it slightly more enjoyable by finding one I like. I've heard that wearing workout clothing one likes can help make getting to the gym easier, and I think this is a similar idea -- sometimes it's worth spending a little bit more money if it means taking better care of one's health.

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