Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Best Ballet Flats

Virtually everyone who wears ballet flats regularly will agree that Repetto ballet flats are the gold standard. Supple leather, comfortable soles, and adjustable laces make these shoes as natural to the foot as a real ballet slipper, but the tiny heel makes wearing them as a street shoe far more comfortable.

However, they cost around $270, so it is not within my budget to own them in every color I would like. I've tried out many other brands of ballet shoes, and the closest leather ones I've found are the J. Crew Kiki Ballet Flats. In my opinion, these shoes are one of J. Crew's best items, and I expect them to become a staple of J. Crew's brand.

J. Crew Kiki Ballet Flats

The Kiki Ballet Flat went on sale today for between $99 and $135, so they are a bit more affordable than Repetto, and I plan to use this sale price to add to my collection of ballet flats. So far, however, the color choices have been a little on the trendy side, but a few colors offered are classic and preppy. The preppiest colors J. Crew offers are Sand/Navy, Moroccan Red, Orange Mint (no, I know orange isn't really a preppy color, but it appears to be pale enough in this print to count as preppy), and Dark Cedar.

Eliza B. Ballet Flats

If one prefers fabric ballet flats, the Eliza B. Ballet Flats are beautifully made, and one can even choose her favorite pattern and trim color. Regularly $85, they happen to be on sale right now as well, bringing their cost to just over $70. These are clearly the most affordable choice, and since one can design her own, I would argue they are the most fun choice, as well! I've already snatched them up in Anchors Away (pictured on the left), and as we get closer to cool weather, I plan to purchase one of the check patterns... Maybe in Dress Stewart? They're all so pretty, it's hard to pick.

P.S. -- If one happens to be the right size, these Liberty print J. Crew shoes are beautiful too. The heel is slightly higher than the Kiki, and they're a bit flashy with the gold, but I do love the Liberty prints.

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