Tuesday, August 20, 2013

High / Low: iPhone Case

Go low end.

In general, I think that spending more money on items that are used more often, and less money on items that are used less often, is a good way to go. Looking at how frequently something will be used, or the cost per wear, is very helpful in deciding whether to pay a certain price. But there are some obvious exceptions -- expensive jewelry is one area where it may not be worn regularly, and therefore may have a high cost per wear, but is worth the price because of the materials, workmanship, and beauty.

Mobile phone cases are another exception, but in the opposite direction. While it may seem as though it makes sense to pay more for a case since it will be used daily, it is an item that can be found in so many places, and they go on sale so regularly, that there is no reason to pay a high price. Many of the options available are very similar, so it is more than possible to find a case that is not terribly expensive.

Lately, I've been noticing a lot of cases selling for $50 or $60. They're pretty, but there are a lot of pretty cases out there, and they all do the same thing. It seems that many of the higher priced cases also feature large labels, so I can only imagine that customers are expected to pay these higher prices in order to show off having spent the money, or to try and evoke some level of status. Personally, I don't want to pay a company for the privilege of being a walking billboard, so I tend to stay away from large labels. Here are a few pretty cases for under $30 -- and all without those large status labels.

Kate Spade's Saturday line has some cases that are cheery enough to make me smile.

Kate Spade Saturday, $25
Sunset Stripe, Clouds, and Abstract

I love how perfect these are for fall... and one more to try and make summer last a bit longer.

The Preppy Planet, $28
Bespoke Suit Collection
The Preppy Planet, $18.50
Bottom Line

Founded by Lauren Bush Lauren in 2007, FEED's products help FEED the world. A purchase of one of these cases will provide approximately 20 meals for children and families across America -- a great way to do good while dressing up one's phone.

FEED, $25
FEED for Target

Which would you choose?

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