Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tennis Skirt Roundup

Gussie Moran in 1949
Photo credit: George W. Hales via Daily News
After a great tennis clinic this week, I was on the search for a new tennis skirt. The one I have has been useful so far, but the fabric is a little on the thick side. Also, it does not have shorts underneath, and I'm beginning to think worrying about accidentally flashing is interfering with my focus.

I set out to find a skirt by scouring all the clothing retailers I could think of that might have tennis skirts, which turned out to be fewer white options than I expected, as many seem to be more about looking cute than being useful for play. But I did finally settle on one, and found that Tennis Warehouse has the most options, even though I ended up choosing one from somewhere else.

I find that skorts and skirts are more versatile than tennis dresses, and I prefer a skirt with pleats because they allow for more movement, and the right pleats (either wide pleats, or pleats which are only on the hips or back instead of all the way around) are flattering on every body type. I also wanted a white skirt, because a white one can be worn with a white top as classic tennis whites, or with a colored top for a modern look.

I feel that there is no need to look for terribly classic styling in athletic wear because one does not expect it to last forever -- considering how often it will be worn and therefore how often it needs to be washed, athletic clothing goes through more stress than regular clothing. So if it goes out of style in a few years, it's probably time to replace it anyway.

Here's a roundup of skirts and skorts in case you're in the market for a running or tennis skirt...

Clockwise from left: Adidas, Lacoste, and Nike

From left: Athleta, Lululemon, and Title Nine

From left: Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, and Lacoste

While I love the look of the Brooks Brothers skirt and the top Lacoste skirt, I ended up choosing the LuluLemon Pace Setter Skirt (pictured in light blue above and white below) because it has ball pockets, a zippered pocket, pleats, and "sticky elastic" on the hem of the shorts to keep them in place. I hope all those features help improve my focus and my game!

Also, a little history about tennis whites.

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