Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Are Nail Stickers a Good Use of Money?

I have tried out both the regular colors and the artsy styles of nail stickers, and while I like them both, I find the regular colors to fit my style better most of the time.
Sephora and Sally Hansen both offer artsy styles, but Incoco offers artsy styles, regular colors, and all sorts of variations on the french manicure, and their prices are quite good -- around seven dollars for a box.

The stickers are still expensive, it's true, but whether they are a good price depends on how one uses them.

While New York is very expensive, one thing we have the monetary upper hand on is the price of a mani pedi. A few years ago on the Upper East Side, I found a place just a block from my apartment that did a manicure and pedicure for $20, and now I often see prices around $28. Traveling to a less expensive area, one may even be able to find a better deal.

But leave the city behind, and because there is so much less competition, prices are often around $40. Go to some other cities like London, and the price is often twice what we find here.

Even with a lower salon price, nail polish bottles are still quite a bit less, and offer months of pretty nails instead of a few days worth. Obviously, buying bottles is the best way to save money, but if you're anything like me, your nails look so much better when someone at a salon does them.

And that's what makes the stickers attractive to me; the beauty of the stickers is that unless one is an expert at applying nail polish, they look so much better than what one can do herself. Due to the clean edges and the perfect finish of the stickers, I actually think they look as good as a manicure.

I know a couple of women who get manicures weekly, but most women I know get them every few weeks or only in advance of a special occasion, painting their nails themselves between visits. I fall into the latter category. Whichever one's preference, she can use the stickers to either save money, or spend additional money -- she just needs to be aware of how she is using them.

If, on any of the occasions one usually heads to the nail salon she uses stickers instead, she is saving herself money. But if she uses them as a replacement to times when she would otherwise use a bottle, she is not.

Sometimes saving money is just about the way one uses her options.

All images from Incoco.

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