Monday, September 23, 2013


I have a bit of an attachment to baskets. When my mother turned 25, my father gave her 25 beautiful and unique baskets he had collected for her. When my wife and I got married, we enlisted my father to help collect different baskets that my mother and I then filled with hand-drawn maps to the chapel, and New England trinkets for our out-of-town guests.

The great thing about baskets is that they add a bit of texture and warmth to a room, while also offering a place to hide or organize belongings. They can also be re-purposed easily, and even dumped out and used for a last minute picnic. They do not go out of style, and are also one of those things that are useful forever; even if they start looking old, they can be moved to an out-of-view storage shelf and still continue to serve their use.

Baskets can be found at tag sales, on one's travels abroad, and at tons of stores here in the states. Because they are so widely available, one can easily find baskets that are beautifully made but do not cost very much. And the more unique one's collection is, the better. This means that unlike other types of organizing items, a mis-matched collection created over years looks even better than several matching ones all purchased at the same time. All of these reasons make them a great frugal addition to a home.

While our collection has not yet gotten to be nearly as stunning as my mother's, the ones we have are very useful. Here are a few baskets we use to corral our belongings.

This one currently holds sewing supplies, but has also had lives holding bar supplies, tea, potpourri, toilet paper, or candles.

Magazines I have not yet gotten to, or want to hold onto longer.

Knit shirts are rolled up in this one. Keeping them in a basket makes it easy to pull them out and get to the boxes and shoes that are kept further back.

My L.L. Bean slippers are peeking out of this one. Easy to find when my toes get cold, but out of the way.

This basket was given to us holding a wedding shower gift, and now corrals our pup's toys. He picks through the basket looking for something specific he has in mind, which is very entertaining to watch.

Most of these are baskets we've been given -- they are a great way to give two gifts at once. But on my wish list now are these pretty ones I noticed at my cousin's house this weekend. She was smart enough to request these when she got married, and they have already proven to be useful and beautiful, and I know she'll enjoy them for decades to come.

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