Thursday, September 12, 2013

Classic Flap Handbags

J. Crew Eddie Purse in Navy
When it comes to clothing, I love all things feminine. In my closet right now there is not even one pair of pants -- I live in dresses and skirts everyday, whether I am in or out of the house. In fact, I recently cut up two pairs of unworn sweatpants and reconstructed them into a long and cozy skirt to wear while lounging or working at home.

I do not, however, like things that are girly. I do not wish to be mistaken for an overgrown five-year old, so when wearing a skirt or dress that borders on a bit flouncy and young, I prefer to balance it with ladylike accessories befitting a Mad Men character.

My current favorite foil for such a dress is this purse and a pair of simple heels or ballet flats. The leather on this bag is beautiful, and I expect it to age as good leather will; looking even better as it gets older. I love that there is a shoulder strap and a top handle to offer multiple options as I balance my purse, phone, MetroCard, sunglasses, and coffee cup en route to work.

This is such a classic style that it is easy to find similar handbags at many different price points. As long as one chooses a version with good leather in a classic color and avoids large labels, she should expect the handbag to wear well and be a fantastic investment. Being classic, it is ageless, so she will be able to carry it for many years to come.

It's impossible to tell what the leather is like unless one sees the bag in person, so here are a few handbags I've seen recently and expect would wear well. One of the nice things about these bags is that they vary from just slightly larger to quite a bit larger than those from the Mad Men era, making them quite practical for holding all our modern gadgets.

I love the fun but simple and discreet stirrup detail.

RL Equestrian Saddle Bag
image from Ralph Lauren

The Art Deco inspired gold catches the eye, and the color is a perfect neutral.

Saint Laurent Lulu Shoulder Bag

image from Bergdorf-Goodman

Fossil is affordable, but their leather is still nice.

Fossil Memoir Novel Flap
image from Fossil

An iconic shape from the Coach Classics line.

Coach Court Bag
image from Coach

The hardware and suede may make this one may appear a bit modern, but the a briefcase design is classic.

J. Crew Marlie Satchel
image from J. Crew

Since this Chanel bag has become such a classic, it is the one exception for a visible label.

Chanel Classic Flap Bag
image from Chanel

The shoulder straps on these handbags certainly are useful now, but will become necessary as the weather requires us to bulk up our arms inside increasingly heavier coats. In the right color, these flap bags offer year-round accessorizing for years to come. No wonder they are a classic.

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