Monday, September 16, 2013

Putting Away the Whites

Labor Day has passed.
Maybe it's because I grew up in New England and I also read Miss Manners regularly, but I just refuse to buy into the idea that whites should be worn after Labor Day, no matter how many times Ms. Wintour and Ms. Lyons argue otherwise. (Or, for that matter, that corduroy should come in the form of shorts, but that's a different story.)

I embrace this little fabric tradition, and I enjoy pulling out and putting away my clothing with the seasons. Each spring and fall I feel as though I have a whole new wardrobe to play with, and it never fails to please me to pull out old favorites. Changing my closet with the season makes it feel as though I've gone on a shopping spree... for free.

While the weather isn't consistently cool enough to start swapping out everything else, this weekend I did pack up my summer whites. Of course, some whites are exempt -- my tennis skirt, tees, white button downs and all winter whites will stay at hand, but my white dresses, mostly white dresses, skirts, purses and shoes have rotated out of the closet. The linen was also removed, and the one I am always saddest to see go, the seersucker, was the last to be added to the pile destined for the "attic," aka, the lofted storage space in our apartment.

The items that get packed up all stay together so they will be easy to find next May. As one can see, some my whites are packed into my white purse. Not only does this make them easy to find just before Memorial Day, but it also keeps my summer purses from being crushed -- they retain their shape while also being useful during their off-season.

This purse and the other whites will be added to the bottom of the large plastic bin that will eventually hold all my summer apparel, but I'm looking forward to getting a couple last wears out of my favorites before fully enjoying the fall sweater weather. While some may find the inconsistency annoying, I always enjoy this time of year as we get to enjoy a few days of favorite summer dresses mixed with a few days of the light sweaters I've been itching to wear. No way to get bored with my clothing options right now as the temperature jumps and drops.

And on those cooler days, through our still-open windows, I love smelling the neighbors' fireplaces burning into the evening. If it were not for the shortening days keeping me from spending as much time in Central Park, this might be my favorite time of year.

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