Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Wish List: Shawl-Style Scarves

Maybe it's because I'm craving some fall weather and the accessories that come along with it, but on my wish-list right now are big shawl-style scarves.
Adding a beautiful scarf of any size is such an easy way to distract from boring or cheap-looking clothing. And being such a classic accessory, they are always a good investment. Today I stumbled on these lovely big scarves and love how simply they are tied, while still creating a dramatic accessory.
Loro Piana
image from Bergdorf-Goodman

image from Bergdorf-Goodman

image from Bergdorf-Goodman

Theodora & Callum
image from Saks

image from Saks
image from Everlane

The LemLem scarf is perfect for the still-a-little-warm weather right now, and twisted up with the Everlane scarf, they would be a perfect weight and color combination throughout the fall.

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