Friday, September 20, 2013

Wish List: Wool Overs Sweaters

There are a few clothing companies I've ignored over the last few years because I didn't think their style matched mine. More recently, I've come to appreciate the quality and prices again, and I've also realized that if I look closely at their offerings, I can mix certain classic styles in a way that turns out to be more stylish than the classic and traditional look with which they are usually associated. Wool Overs has really great prices, and even better quality -- here are a few of their sweaters and some skirts I'd love to pair with them.

images: Wool Overs and Reiss

I'd love to wear this classic cashmere merino sweater with a flirty and swingy chiffon skirt.

images: Wool Overs and L. L. Bean

I'm not usually a fan of short sleeve sweaters because they are not as practical as long sleeves, but I love the shape of this silk and cotton one because it looks like a cozy version of a slouchy tee. I'd pair it with a perfectly-fall check pencil skirt like this one from L. L Bean. (Yes, L. L. Bean! I was surprised at how much I liked a seersucker pencil skirt I got from them last year, so I'd give this one a try.)

images: Wool Overs and Boden

I love this cable knit sweater worn casually as it's shown here, but I'd also wear it with a feminine skirt and dark brown boots.

images: Wool Overs and J. Crew

Really, I just want this sweater for wearing on the weekends, but I could also dress it up with a pencil skirt and a pair of substantial heels.

images: Wool Overs and Boden

Even though I don't see too many Fair Isle sweaters in NYC, I'll always love them. I like that this one has a slightly wider neckline, but not so wide that it looks trendy instead of classic. It would be great with a corduroy skirt.

These are just a few of my favorites, but there are so many more, and they're all affordable. Which would you choose?

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