Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

When you were little, did you make your costumes, or buy them? We always made ours, occasionally buying a prop to complete our look. I still stand by that philosophy -- as much as I adore Halloween, I just cannot excuse spending money on a pre-made costume when they are never flattering, always over-priced, and used just once before being thrown away.

Creating a costume usually requires some advance planning, but if the candy corn sugar high suddenly got you in the Halloween spirit, don't go out an buy a last-minute costume -- there won't be anything good left anyway -- and get creative with items from your closet!

Here's a roundup of a few ideas...

Cardboard from the recycling bin, a ribbon and some paint from the craft bin + white gloves  = The Green M&M.

Morton Salt Girl via Brit+Co.
If one has some sunny yellow clothes in her closet, this Morton Salt costume is adorable.

Evil Queen via Martha Stewart and Pop Art via Brit+Co.
Regular make-up from one's make-up bag can create dramatic costumes like these. I adore the pop art one! I might need to steal that idea for next year...

Bottleneck and Pumpkin pie from Real Simple
For a costume with some slightly cheesy humor, one could be a Bottleneck or a Pumpkin Pie...

Rosie the Riveter from Babble
Red lipstick + red scarf + blue shirt = Rosie the Riveter.

Mary Poppins from Babble
I went as Mary Poppins a few years ago because I knew I had everything in my closet. This Mary Poppins looks amazing!

Witch from Martha Stewart
And if all else fails, any old hat plus an accessory works just fine...
Cowboy hat + rope
Bike helmet + leather jacket
Black paper rolled into a witch's hat + something black

Hope you have a happy and SCARY Halloween!

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