Thursday, October 24, 2013

High / Low: Tights

Microfiber tights
image from KushyFoot
Go low end.

Last night the temperature really dropped in the city. I was at a benefit party in Brooklyn, and without the addition of heat from the buildings in Manhattan that shelter us a bit from the cold, one could really tell that winter is almost here.

This drop made it clear that we have solidly landed in tights-wearing season. As someone who can be found in a dress or a skirt nearly every day, I have a whole big drawer full of tights, which, starting yesterday, will now be in heavy rotation for the next few months.

There are two things I've learned about wearing tights: first, that on really cold days wearing two pairs of tights makes a big difference, and second, the cheap tights from the drugstore wear just as well through multiple washings as expensive tights.

I used to think it was a little weird to buy any type of clothing a few aisles over from the cereal. Maybe that was unintentionally snooty of me, but it just seemed logical that I would find more choices and better prices for clothing at clothing stores. But one day I was headed out of town and had run out of clean tights, so I picked up a pair at the drugstore... and having been surprisingly pleased with how they felt and how they held up over time, now about half my large collection of tights is from the drugstore.

Since tights are thicker, and therefore sturdier, than nylon stockings, the fabric is not so delicate that one gains anything by buying a more expensive pair. So when it comes to stocking up, skip the $28 versions, and opt for the $9 tights instead. Only your wallet will notice the difference.

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