Thursday, October 17, 2013

Wearing Silk Scarves

Scarves are always a solid investment piece because a good scarf will last forever -- both by still looking good decades later, as well as by being a classic piece that can be tied in a trendy way if one chooses.
Scarves are also great to travel with because just like a big statement necklace they can change the look of an outfit, but scarves weigh a lot less than over-sized necklaces, and they usually take up less space, too. In fact, one can simply stuff them into a clutch or hat to help keep either from being crushed in a suitcase.
Best of all, scarves can feel either All-American or French Chic depending on the fabric, style, and how it is tied -- and who doesn't want to look either fresh-faced classic American or effortlessly classic French?
However, while scarves boast all kinds of style and are a simple way to add some interest to an outfit, I think many women overlook them because they can feel tricky to tie in a flattering and unfussy way.

I have these neat cards from Hermes, but only a few of them seem to make sense for real life. Well, for me anyway... I just don't see myself tying a scarf as a halter top, or wearing a huge bow around my neck, for instance.

These two are a bit more realistic for street-wear. The left one is not quite my style, but I've seen some women look beautiful with a scarf worn like this. Sometimes I wear my scarves like the one on the right instead of a headband.

If I want to wear a silk scarf instead of a statement necklace, here's the way I find easiest: Folding into a triangle, placing the middle point at my front, and tossing the ends around my neck. Crossing them back to the front, and knotting them.

The knot can then be tucked under the middle point if desired, but that makes me feel a little like a cowgirl, so I usually leave it visible.

I like this style because it shows off the pretty colors and designs in a silk scarf, but it doesn't feel fussy to wear. Toss it on over a classic white tee, and a simple outfit suddenly feels pulled together. Scarves can get you out the door in no time.

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