Friday, October 25, 2013

Look More Expensive: Pearl Earrings

Can you tell which photo contains the real pearl earrings and which contains the faux pearl earrings?

It's somewhat obvious, isn't it? If the large pearls on the right were real, it's unlikely one would wear them with a t-shirt.

There are millions of versions of fake pearls available, and for some women, choosing a faux pearl over a real pearl is either financially necessary or smart for one's lifestyle. While I have lovely pearls, I also have fake ones, and I switch up which ones I wear. If, for instance, I'm headed to the pool before work, I may choose to toss the fake pearl earrings in my bag so that I needn't worry about them. I can even swim with them in, and not worry that the chlorine is destroying the luster.

Whatever reason one has for choosing a fake pearl, wearing it in a way that one would not wear the real version draws attention to it as a fake. So, if one is interested in making her faux pearls look real, she should be sure to think of them as real -- and she should wear them as if they are, in fact, the real thing.

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