Monday, October 21, 2013

Make it Better: Birthday Card DIY

In theory, it's nice to have a few cards on hand so that when one needs them she doesn't need to run out and buy one. But I have a whole large box of cards... and yet none ever seem to be right for the occasion.

Having found myself in just this situation again this weekend, I decided to make a birthday card for a family member. The nice thing about this card design is that it is appropriate for anyone -- boy, girl, friend or co-worker, balloons are a nice celebratory image for anyone.

If you'd like to make a special birthday card for someone, continue reading for the instructions...

-Envelope and a piece of card stock
-Colored paper
-Dark colored marker
-Adhesive mounting tape
-Pinking shears (optional)
-Heart shaped punch (optional)

Step one: Cut card stock to size that fits envelope and still has healthy wiggle room. If desired, trim edges with pinking shears.

Step two: Punch out a few hearts from the colored paper.

Step three: Following the curve from the top of the heart, cut heart into two pieces.
From the smaller piece, cut off the point. This can be done with either a curve or an angle towards the point as shown.

Glue the pointed triangle to the back of the large part of the heart. This is now the balloon. Repeat for as many balloons as desired.

Step four: Using a dark colored marker, trace along the outside of the balloons so that when they are on top of one another, there is definition between them.

Step five: Glue a few balloons directly to the card in any arrangement, allowing a few to hang over the edges and top of the front of the card.

Layer a few more on top using the adhesive mounting tape to secure them. Using the mounting tape adds a little depth to the card.

If desired, write "Happy Birthday" on scrap pieces of card stock, and attach with the mounting tape.

Step six: Knot the string at the end, and glue knot to each balloon. Allow the ends to hang past the bottom of the card.
Once each balloon has a string, use a little additional string to tie the balloon ends together near the bottom of the card.

The balloons and string popping off the card makes the final result three-dimensional, and therefore more celebratory and visually exciting than a two-dimensional card. Happy Birthday to the October babies!

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