Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Make it Better: Fingerless Lace Gloves from Leggings DIY
(No Sewing Required)

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Double bill on the DIY's this week!
Although the adorable children in costumes this past weekend should have made it sink in, I just realized how close we are to Halloween...

Who doesn't love Halloween? It's a chance to play dress up like a kid, and be creative with the costume one creates.

Thanksgiving and Halloween vie for the top spot as my favorite holiday each year, which usually makes this time of year very exciting to me. But while focusing on last minute work for a non-profit's big event last week (we made our goal!), Halloween sneaked up before I even had a chance to plan anything.

Loving Halloween as I do, I certainly do not wait for one night a year to dress up, so when a friend got a group of us together to go The Awesome 80's Prom a few months ago, we went all out and dressed up in our most outrageous 80's outfits. I needed some gloves to complete my look, so I whipped these up from a pair of these black lace leggings which had somehow found their way into my fabric pile.

Thanks to the stretch in the leggings, these are very easy and fast to make, and would work for so many Halloween costumes -- Jules (Demi Moore) from St. Elmo's Fire, Madonna, Jessica Rabbit, an evil queen...

Read on for super easy, no-sew, opera length, fingerless black lace gloves...
-Lace leggings
-Lots of small safety pins

One) Cut off the legs of the leggings, and try on for length. Place what once was the ankle of the legging at the knuckle. If the length needs to be trimmed, adjust.

Two) Chances are the width is too wide, so turn the lace inside out, and put on again. Use safety pins to mark where the width should be, remembering that the stretch in the lace makes it better to go tight.

Three) Before removing the glove, spread your fingers, and use a safety pin between the thumb and the first finger. This will keep the gloves from slipping up the hand when it's finished.

Four) With the inside out legging on a flat surface, use safety pins to secure the new width. One may also choose to sew a quick seam here, but since it doesn't need to last for more than a few hours, an abundance of safety pins should do the trick. If there is a lot of extra fabric, it may be best to trim the section beyond the safety pins, but be sure to leave about a half an inch.

Top is before, bottom is finished version.

I told you we went all out... There is even some blue eye shadow in there. How much fun can one have at an 80's dance party if she does not go all out?

Cost: $0, as the lace leggings were a horrible mistake, which had already been relegated to my fabric pile.

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