Friday, October 11, 2013

Push On

I recently heard someone say "When you're in the middle of it, you can't see it ever getting better."

While she was talking about something I have no experience with, I have absolutely felt that hopeless and stuck feeling at many times in my life. I'm sure we have all had that experience -- something one is dealing with just seems so overwhelming and so impossible that it feels as though it will never get better. All the encouraging quotes in the world about never giving up cannot help someone who is feeling that overwhelmed. The light at the end of the tunnel is not visible, and even with a great imagination, one simply cannot fathom ever getting through the difficulty that is happening now.

My mother put this "Push On" post it note on her coffee machine when I visited her a few months ago. She had left the house early, and wanted to make it clear the coffee was ready to go and just needed to be started. On that particular morning, it felt like life advice to me, so now it sits on my dresser.

As with many other difficult life experiences, when it comes to either getting out of debt or saving up for a life goal, or getting a new job, it often feels like there will be no end. Sometimes this makes one think what's the point? I'll just buy what I want right now. I'll stop sending out my resume. I'll just give up.

As unrealistic as it may feel, if one is making responsible choices, the difficulties have no where to go but to become lessened. As I said, if one is going through that feeling right now, she is unlikely to believe me, but every difficult experience really does get better, or one learns how to deal with it better.

One must force herself to just keep going, and keep going, and then stubbornly keep going. It is never easy. But if she does keep heading in the right direction, there is no other possible outcome -- it will get better.

Sometimes the absolute most important thing one can do -- and the only thing one can do -- is just keep pushing.

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