Monday, October 7, 2013

Shampoo Pump

Images from Paul Mitchell and Ebay
I donated my hair this summer, and after years of washing long tresses, it's taking a while to get used to not needing as much shampoo. It's an unconsciousness habit, but I tend to pour far too much shampoo into my hand, and then I waste time getting the extra shampoo out of my hair, and I also waste money by running through the shampoo bottle too quickly. I try to remember, but more often than not, I forget and pour too much out.

The Simple Dollar has a really easy and great solution to accidentally dumping out too much shampoo into one's hand: A liquid hand soap bottle repurposed as a shampoo pump. It's kinda like showing at the gym and using the pumps of shampoo there -- too much never comes out, so one uses just the right amount of shampoo.

I'm still working on using up the liquid hand soap, but when I do, I'll be excited to a have clever use for the bottle, and an easy way to stop wasting my time and my shampoo.

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