Friday, October 18, 2013

Shopping Source: Riding Boots

From steampunk to preppy, it seems women of every fashion style are wearing tall riding boots these days. Why not consider going to the original source? Thanks to online shopping, equestrian equipment is easy to access, and some options run as low as $35. Here are a few examples of real riding boots for under $100.

From left: Dublin Universal Tall Boot $35, and TuffRider Starter Field Boots $73

From left: Saxon Simplicity Boot $90, and Saxon Equileather Field Boot $80

From left: Equi-Star AW Field Boot $90, TuffRider Alpine Quilted Boot $81, and Saxon Equileather Dress Boot $100

And if one has trouble with the fit of tall riding boots, she could invest in a pair of authentic riding boots that is made to order. Of course, those would be more expensive than the boots in this roundup, but it is a useful option to consider for women with wide calves or odd sizes who want quality leather boots.

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