Friday, November 1, 2013

Bye, Banksy

Banksy finished his NYC tour yesterday -- his month of treating us to his art is over, and now my guess is that London gets to have him back. The stories he tells in some of his pieces and the humor he expresses in others is something I enjoy, so it's been fun to see his newest creations. If you haven't been keeping up with his work almost daily like I have, catch up on his website chronicling his residency in New York City.

The boy pictured here is the piece closest to us. Just a few hours after this picture was taken, the building owners protected it with plexiglass, and it was not a day too soon, as the plexiglass allowed another graffiti piece to be washed away.

image from Mola823 via West Side Rag

Now that all of his NYC work is up, something fun and free to do this weekend would be to celebrate his time here and make a day of going to see all of his pieces in person. Since they're all over the city, there are a couple maps that have been put together to help. Here's an interactive one from CNN, which allows the user to see which piece is at each location, and a cute one from Google via Village Voice, which appears to have more locations listed.

These three below are top of my list to go see... which ones are you most interested in?

image from Banksyny

image from Banksyny

image from Banksyny

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  1. Thank you for this it was great to see the link! I really like the Robot tagger that tags a bar code!


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