Monday, November 18, 2013

High / Low: Trench Coat

image from Burberry
Go high end for classic, and low end for trendy styles.

If one is looking for a trendy version of a trench coat, going for the low-end version makes sense. It is unlikely she will want it for years and years to come, so she may as well pay as little for the passing style as possible. If, however, one is planning to add a classic trench coat to her wardrobe, it makes more sense to find one that will last as long as a classic style does: Forever.

Because they are so useful and constantly classic yet stylish, one can often find cheap trench coats at inexpensive stores. But exactly because they are so useful and constantly classic yet stylish, is why one should skip those coats, and go with an expensive and well-made version, instead.

A well made classic trench is always a great investment, because it's always in style. I know so many people (both men and women) who live in their trench coats, and it makes their lives easier -- whether with jeans or a dress, a nice trench coat goes with nearly everything, and nearly anywhere. It goes to the office, the theatre, or the bar. It is a perfect weight for a good deal of the year. And the best part is that it always looks good -- one can have any boring or messy outfit on underneath, but once the trench is belted, she looks pulled together and stylish.

Just the way a beautiful evening gown will fit better when it's well made, a trench coat is exactly the same. A trench coat that is well made will have an attention to detail that creates a flattering cut. It will be more slimming than a poorly cut one, be made of quality fabric, and it will last for a much longer time. It will also feature a lining -- something I've never seen in a cheap trench -- which will be warmer, making the coat useful for more days of the year. The attention to detail will result in buttons and belt loops placed in a flattering way, and if for any reason they are not, most stores that offer quality trench coats also offer the option of having the buttons and belt loops adjusted.

Since it is a style that lasts forever, one should purchase a version that will last nearly forever, as well. Mine is currently seven years old, but one would never know that -- it still looks just as good as ever. And when one purchases a classic she intends to get many uses out of, long term is exactly what she should be going for.

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