Wednesday, November 20, 2013

New England to New York: Winter Clothing

I keep hearing people say that they hope this winter isn't as cold as last winter. Now, I am one of those people who is always cold, but I do not remember last winter being very cold at all. I remember a couple very cold days, but overall, I remember it being a rather mild winter.

Having responded with this memory multiple times, and having received no response other than a look of complete confusion each time, I have decided that I must not be remembering last winter correctly. Apparently, it was very, very cold, and I simply failed to notice.

I think there can only be one explanation for my lack of observation -- I was dressed warmly. After all, there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing, right?

So, before it gets too cold to believe that statement, here's a roundup of the winter items I cannot live without. Most are New England preppy, but with a couple city-worthy additions, because New Englanders may not be trendy, but that's a very good thing when it means being able to enjoy the outdoors in the winter! Read on for my list, if you're interested...

image from L.L. Bean
Ragg Camp Socks

Ragg socks.
I wear these around the house and in my boots when heading outside. They're cozy and very warm, and sometimes I even wear them to bed.

image fromL.L. Bean
Rubber Moc

Duck boots.
(a.k.a. Bean boots, pacs, rubber mocs)
Okay, so I never heard anyone call them duck boots until a year or so ago, but I think it's a cute name so I'm sticking with it even if my family asks "what are duck boots?" every time I say it. They're perfect for the days when the snow isn't deep, which means that they're great for most of the winter in NYC.

image on left from Sorel
image on right from L.L. Bean

Real boots.
I have a pair of the Sorel's on the left, but they're super heavy, so if they were to ever need replacing -- which seems unlikely at this point -- I would consider going for the L.L. Beans on the right with Thinsulate. I like that the L.L. Beans are more feminine, but the Sorel's have kept my feet toasty in a good deal of snow, so I certainly do like them.

image on left from Theory
image on right from Ralph Lauren

Hip-length down jacket.
Whenever the temperature falls into the 20's, I wear my awesome down coat (pictured at the top) with the big collar. My jacket is actually my mother's, and is older than I am, but I've made it clear that I'm never giving it back. In fact, a couple Christmases ago, my mother officially "gave" it to me, so now it's mine. Officially. And that makes me very happy, because it's incredibly warm. But these two jackets have nice big collars to keep the wind out.

image from Uniqlo

Uniqlo Heattech.
Much, much better than long johns, these are thin warm layers that actually work very well. They don't do much when one stays still, but the minute she starts moving, they heat up. I don't know how it's possible, but I know that I've slowly collected a good deal of different Heattech items because they work.

image from here

Reusable hand warmers.
My sweet wife, who knows how I'm always cold, got these for me a couple years ago. There are a lot of options for reusable hand warmers, but most require a microwave, and sometimes one doesn't own one (like us!), or doesn't have access to one when she realizes that she needs them to be warm. These little guys use a chemical reaction to heat up, so one just snaps the metal disc inside, and they get hot. She then boils them in water to return them to their room-temperature state. Pretty neat, and really useful to keep in one's bag in case the cross-town bus takes a lot longer than one expected.

And of course hats, gloves, and scarves are necessary too. I hope you're keeping warm today, on our little taste of what winter will bring us!

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