Thursday, November 14, 2013

Product Worth the Price: Goody's Spin Pin

Goody Spin Pin
This summer, before I donated my hair, it had gotten very, very long, and beyond a length that is easily manageable. As an alternative to styling it regularly, I fell in love with top knots -- who hasn't? A top knot and a bit of red lipstick makes one feel glamorous no matter the occasion.
During that time, I discovered the Spin Pin from Goody, and it makes putting one's hair up -- even a ton of hair -- very easy. As opposed to an elastic and a bunch of pins, I was always able to just twist my hair up, twist in the two pins, and that was it.

They're also really great for other types of up-do's because one does not need to use a ton of bobby pins to keep hair in place. One of my other favorite hairstyles to wear is a gibson roll. In the picture here, I used the twisty Spin Pins instead of bobby pins. They're also really great for looser styles.

I thought a top knot on short hair would be impossible, but then I gave the Mini Spin Pins a try. While it's slightly more complicated than with long hair (I now need an elastic and a bobby pin for the short hair at the back of my head), the Mini Spin Pins are a good deal faster and easier than using a ton of bobby pins to keep my short hair in a bun.

With short or long hair, these little corkscrew-like pins are so much better than bobby pins. It's amazing that just two or three little twisty pins can hold up so much hair.

(I test a lot of products. In order for it to be a Products Worth the Price, it must be an item I've lived with for a while and absolutely will purchase again.)

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