Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Checking it Twice

Can you believe Christmas is just one week from today? We've already hit that point where it's too late to pay for standard shipping online and get gifts in time for Christmas, but after today, one will be forced to pay for overnight delivery.

Looking at purchase options online today, one might find that arrival dates by Monday the 23rd cost around $10, but if one delays, she'll have to pay for overnight shipping, which often jumps up to $50. Everyone wants to stretch her gift-buying budget as far as she can, so spending money on the gifts themselves, and not on the shipping, is a better strategy. But with all the hectic to-do lists of this season, it's easy to forget to plan ahead.

An option I've seen from many online shops this year is to be able to pick up the order at the store for free. I love this ability! If the store is located somewhere I can get to rather easily, I can save a good deal of money by swinging by the store to pick up the order I've already purchased online. Not only does this save money in shipping costs, but it saves me the time of having to find the item in the store, and it also potentially saves me money by keeping me from making additional impulse buys at the store. Not to mention saving me from the frustration of finding out that the store no longer has the item I want in stock.

We still have a weekend for last minute in-store shopping, but if there are any online purchases one still needs to make, it would be wise to buy them today. And if it works out, to pick them up at the store itself. Here's to double checking our shopping lists today, and to finishing them all up!

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