Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Make it Better: Double-tassel Gold Necklace DIY

Sometimes I see a pretty item… And then I see the high price and think, "I can make something like that!"

This J. Crew necklace is very pretty, and perfect for a New Year's Eve party... or any swanky occasion. The links are gold-plated, so it's not a terribly high price, but it is currently sold out. Luckily, it's an easy design to copy, and can be made from materials that are much easier to work with at home than gold links.

image from J.Crew

My copy-cat design is made from items one can find at a trimming store: A length of gold rope-like fabric trim, a couple of gold string tassels, and a bit of gold thread.

I like that its gold color makes it perfect for rich winter fabrics like velvet, but the light weight makes it perfect for summer, too. When it's nearly 100 degrees outside, wearing an eye-catching statement necklace might be what one's outfit calls for, but a heavy necklace is certainly not what anyone wants to put on. The fabric also dresses down the necklace just a little -- enough so that it can be worn during the day -- but the gold keeps it dressy enough to make it evening appropriate as well.

Keep reading for the no-sew instructions...

Supplies Needed:
-1 yard of rope-like gold trim. I used two types, and found the twisted rope above to be easier to work with than the braided version.
-Gold tassels
-Gold thread

Step one:
Snip open the loop at the top of the tassel and tie the ends to the end of the rope trim.

Step two:
Wrap the gold thread around both the rope and the top of the tassel. On the tassel, there is a knot where the top loop is held on, and the thread should be wrapped low enough to cover this knot. It adds stability to the tassel, and also creates a cleaner line in the finished necklace.

Attach a tassel to each end of the rope with this wrapping, and tie off the thread tightly.

Step three:
With the necklace on, and one end lower than the other, choose where to tie a knot.  Remove the necklace to tie the knot.

Use a simple overhand knot -- keep the tassel ends together as if they are one end, and the top of the necklace is the other end.

Happy New Year's Eve!

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