Friday, December 13, 2013

Origami Christmas Tree

I'm working on an easy DIY Christmas tree tutorial that will be coming up soon, but if you're feeling ambitious this weekend, here's a beautiful origami Christmas tree with a how-to video from Candy over at ARE we there yet?

Isn't her origami Christmas tree beautiful? I love that Candy chose to make it from architectural drawings -- the paper gives the tree such great dimension and a sophisticated, modern look. And the paperclip star couldn't be more perfect!

image from ARE we there yet?

Architects are so creative, aren't they? My Father-in-law is an architect, and we recently got to see a whole book of his amazing doodles (which are actually more "frame-worthy" than "doodle").

Follow the link to see the video Candy used to create the tree yourself, if you'd like. And I hope you have a cozy and fun weekend... Maybe even filled with some spiked hot cocoa to keep warm!

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