Monday, December 23, 2013

The Cherry on Top

I think gift presentation is crucial.

After spending time finding the prefect gift for someone, one wants the recipient to love it. And as with food, part of the enjoyment is visual. The recipient begins to enjoy the gift from the moment her eyes land on it.

My rule is simply, "more." More ribbon, more bows, more doodads on top. It makes the gift feel more luxurious when it drips in ribbon.

Sometimes gifts are boxed so beautifully at the store, no additional wrapping is needed. The blue and green box is perfect on its own.

The red bow on the left just needed extra, extra long ribbon, because the ribbon curls so perfectly.

The red bow on the right needed a few extra loops to imitate the stars on the wrapping paper. See how to tie the double bow -- I added one more set of loops to these instructions, for a total of six loops.

I love using pretty gift toppers, but I don't like buying them, so I always recycle the pretty ones I receive. Passing the pretty on to the next person means we both got to enjoy it.

Gift-giving is a great time to use up little doodads I've saved, but aren't real gifts on their own. These two are rings, and they add more glitz than a ribbon bow.

Good luck with gift wrapping, and safe travels. I hope you enjoy a nice bit of time to yourself, or time with loved ones over the next few days.

Merry Christmas!

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