Thursday, January 9, 2014

Bean Boots Fit

image from L.L. Bean
During this very cold period, my L.L. Bean boots are a must. I had my last pair of duck boots since I was twelve, but one recently got a small slit in it, so it was time to replace them. After all those years, I was excited to switch to brown from navy.

I had heard how odd the fit is on the Bean Boots from friends and saw it mentioned online over and over, so I was worried about the sizing. I usually wear a size 10, and I think my foot is pretty average in width, but whenever I hear "generous sizing," I know the shoe is going to be far too wide. According to L.L. Bean's site, one should go either a half size down or a full size down if she wants to wear regular socks.

Knowing that I wanted to wear my thick rag socks with them in the winter, and lighter weight socks in the warmer months, figuring out the sizing was worrisome. After hearing from a friend who had to send them back twice before finally going from his normal 11.5 down to the 10 in narrow, and after speaking to someone at L.L. Bean who said the narrow and the regular are the same length (I was concerned because that isn't always the case -- sometimes the narrow is also a bit shorter), I took a gamble and decided to go from my usual size 10 down to a 9 in narrow.

Turns out, I was lucky -- they're pretty much just right, and I don't have to send them back. With thick rag socks they're snug in the width, but not uncomfortably so. The length is just slightly longer than what I would like, but not a whole size longer, so even if I normally wore a 10.5, I think this is the size I'd have chosen. Generous sizing, indeed!

I expect that these boots will last at least as long as my last pair, and now that I like the color, I might even take up L.L. Bean on their lifetime guarantee if they ever need replacing. This might be the best $79 I spend all year.

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